Art Dealer

Y’all might have known a little bit about Megan Wallace Cunningham and who she is. This famous celebrity is the third wife of the TV show host, Craig Ferguson. The American beauty is very talented and has an identity of her own as an art dealer.

Together with her spouse, Megan is living life to the fullest with more than $30 million as the net worth. She is a secret lover and does not talk much about her life. But the fans want to know more about her wealth and is she satisfied with it? Want to know more about her source of income, then we are disclosing more below.

Megan’s $5.6 million Beach House

Cunningham is a professional art dealer together with her husband bought a million dollar beach house. The couple is living there with their son Liam Ferguson. This secretive wife of Craig earns a good amount of income for herself too. Craig and Megan also added a house in Los Angels and Malibu.

Megan Cunningham and Craig Ferguson house in LA.

The Duo makes an earnings of more than $12 million annually which allowed them to spend on this lavish beach crib. As she is an art dealer, there is no fixed income in the profession but the people with a similar profession like Museum Curator earns around $47,360.

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Megan’s Net Worth

The 42-year-old art dealer exact net worth is hard to find but we can assume she has more than millions of dollars in wealth. The art dealers earn on the basis of commission which is around 5% to 50%.

Depending on the sales she earns more than $100,000 annually on average. Additionally, her husband Craig Ferguson is a TV show host and a stand-up comedian. He has assets of $30 million and increasing even more today. Annually, Craig Ferguson earns about $12 million from his entertainment career.

Megan likes to keep her life in the shadows of her spouse so, she is not active in any of the social media platforms. But her husband has 39.6K followers on Instagram which he updates from time to time.

Being the worlds’ top art dealer and the famous wife of Ferguson, Megan likes to spend her money on Jewellery and dresses which makes her look very attractive. When spotted by the media, Megan was seen with a diamond necklace around her neck. The necklace and earrings cost thousands of dollars.

Megan Cunningham (right) and Craig Ferguson (left) posing for Paparazzi.

Being the celebrity wife, Megan definitely wears designer dresses the price of which starts around $30,000. Besides that, Megan tried her hands in acting by featuring in some films like Kick-Ass, Winnie The Pooh, Brave, The Ugly Truth, The Big Tease, and The Hero of Color City.

Appearing in films gave her a good fee adding to her bank balance and that allows this gorgeous lady to live a comfortable life with her family.