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The American Beauty Guru, Alisha Marie is quite big on Youtube. Youtube has given the platform for all the people around the world to showcase their talent. And Alisha is no different.

Marie does not just run one channel but two and from both the channel she earns quite a hefty sum of money. Alisha owns a self-titled Youtube Channel which made her a millionaire. With her vlog channel, her followers get the sneak peek of her life but here we’re gonna go behind the curtains of her staggering net worth.

What is Alisha Marie’s Net Worth? Know her Income sources

The staggering net worth of Alisha Marie is at $3.5 million. Her primary source of wealth comes from her two Youtube Channel. Marie’s self-titled channel has content related to beauty tips. And she is pretty good at it.

No wonder Alisha is called the beauty guru. The content in her channel is not just about beauty tips but has different ranges of the topic. Her content ranges from Prank videos, DIYS, Room Decor Videos, Lifestyle, Fashion, beauty and many more.

Marie shooting her Vlog

Alisha Marie Earnings from her Youtube Channel

The American beauty guru earns most of her income through her Youtube channel named Alisha Marie. Her channel has 8.1 subscribers as of 2019 and her total videos have managed to accumulate over 1.1 billion views. Marie is one of the big YouTubers out there with her videos getting 400,000 views every day on average.

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This is her main channel and from there Alisha earns $1,600 per day in revenue which makes her annual income up to $600,000 a year. Not just that to make her a millionaire, her second channel also has an equal contribution. Marie second channel is a vlogging channel named Alisha Maire Vlogs. This has 3.1 million subscribers and has managed to accumulate over 500 million views.

Alisha Marie in her home in LA

Just like her main channel, Alisha’s vlogging channel attracts 100,000 views per day giving her enough revenue to live a quality lifestyle. From her vlogs, Alisha Marie earns about $400 per day in revenue which totals up to $150,000 annually.

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How does Youtubers make this kind of Revenue?

On average, the YouTubers who monetized their channel can earn from $2 to $7 per 1000 views. The earnings on Monetized views depends upon many factors like the location of the viewer, device played on, ads, types of ads, content, etc. Besides that, there occurs an auction between the advertisers to get their ads placed on the video.

The minimum bid that the advertisers have to make is at $0.01 per view. This is just the basic understanding of how the YouTubers can make money through their video.

How Old is She? Know her other source of Income

Besides the revenue from the ads in her videos, Alisha Marie also makes a handsome sum of money from her Instagram account. Alisha has over 3.2 million followers on Instagram from which per sponsored content she earns an average of $2,000 to $5,000.

Her sponsored content on Instagram comes from companies like Starbucks, Buick, Coca-cola, Simple Skin Care, Olay, Dragon City, and many more. The 26-year-old YouTuber has earned enough to live in a lavish house, drive luxury cars, and travel the world.

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Her House, Cars, and Creative Space

Alisha is living a dream life in Los Angeles, California in a house worth millions. Marie bought a crib in Studio City worth $2.225 million. Besides that, another asset in her wealth is her Nissan Car which is worth around $14,995 on average.

Inside the room of Alisha Marie house

Recently in an interview, Alisha told that she is burnt out and not feeling that creative. There will be ups and downs in every artist career and Alisha is feeling the same way. There is still the ocean to uncover for Alisha and her net worth will increase to new heights.