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Kimberly Sustad is already taken. Sustad married her longtime boyfriend and is the proud mother of twins as well. The Canadian actress is credited for movies like The Nine Lives of Christmas, Spooksville, and many more.

Kimberly likes to keep her personal life very secret. Many fans want to know more about her and her married life. Don’t worry guys, we’re gonna try to answer the questions, stay with us.

Who is Kimberly Sustad Married to? Know about her Husband

The Supernatural actress married her longtime boyfriend Scot Sustad. There are not many reports about the couple marriage but since they have the same last name many fans are speculating them to be spouses. Kimberly Sustad probably married Scott before gaining all the fame and attention that she has now.

Scot Sustad (right) with his wife Kimberly Sustad (left)

Sustad is working in Canada as an entrepreneur and community builder. Sustad is the founder and CEO of Digital Hot Sauce which is the company which helps develop a website. The company holds all of its operations in Vancouver, Canada.

Not just that, Kimberly’s spouse is also the founder of The Arrival Store and he lives in Canada.  Scott and Kimberly both have not said anything regarding their marriage and wedding events. But if we believe that the couple tied the knot before fame hit their doors, then probably the wedding was an intimate affair.

Scott Sustad and Kimberly Sustad dated each other since the college days. Yes, they are college lovers as both of them studied at Trinity Western University. They converted their love into much more after a couple of years of dating when the pair exchanged the wedding vows with each other in front of family, friends, and God.

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Did you know Kimberly Sustad has Children?

Yes, if you already had no idea, Kimberly Sustad gave birth to twins. The couple welcomed twin daughters on June 14, 2017. One daughter is named Vienna Sustad and the other is named Ari Sustad.

Kimberly Sustad (left) with her husband Scot Sustad (right) and her twin daughter

There are no reports of Kimberly and Scot past relationship. The couple is together right from the start with Vienna and Ari being their only two kids. Kimberly is living happily with her husband Scot in Vancouver, Canada.

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Kimberly Sustad is Divorcing Scot Sustad. Is it True?

Pretty recently, there was news floating around in the media about Kimberly divorcing her husband Scot Sustad. But whatever the news told guys, the couple is very happy with each other and the news is just rumors.

Scot Sustad (left) with his wife Kimberly Sustad (right) attending the premiere of The Nine Lives of Christmas

The news is  100 percent false as the pair are living happily with their two kids. Besides this, the duo is also free from any sort of extra-marital affairs. The amazing couple is very busy with their work but they always make time from their busy schedule for their children.