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Being in the constant limelight can sometimes be very unhealthy as many people want to get the information about you. But wait, people want to be in the spotlight for the recognization, right? Today we are going to talk about the NESN Reporter Kacie Mcdonnell who rose to fame due to her personal as well as professional life.

Mcdonnell is a very smooth yet, fascinating relationship history as she dated some of the athletic personalities. Here is all the detailed information about her dating history and if you want to grab all the details about her, we suggest you read the whole article.

Who is Kacie Mcdonnell’s Current Love Interest? Is she Married

It’s no surprise that the hot and sexy Reporter like Kacie has a boyfriend. As for now, she is in a relationship with Eric Hosmer. Both the couple is very happy to be together. This connection is open and is gaining popularity because of the adorable pictures they shared on Instagram. A month back, Mcdonnell shared a picture of them together in the game of thrones look a like chair. Kacie captioned it

“Miss me with Sansa. All y’all haters enjoy rebuilding. The sun rose in the west and set in the east and this Stallion and the Moon of his life are coolin in the Night Lands.”

Kaice with Eric Hosmer
Image: Kacie with her boyfriend, Eric Hosmer

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Many of her fans already ship the couple for a long run as they look very compatible together. Her current boyfriend is a 1st Baseman San Diego Padres. Looking at their social media site, we can easily say they are head over heels in love with each other. The couple hasn’t tied a knot yet. However, they might be planning to tie a knot soon.

Kacie Mcdonnell’s relationship with Aaron Murray

There are thousands of fans who want to know her past relationship. So, here we are to provide you all the necessary details about her.

Kacie Mcdonnell's relationship with Aaron Murray
Image: Kacie Mcdonnell’s with Aaron Murray

She was in a relationship with a former Georgia quarterback, Aaron Murray, before her the pro athletic personality, Eric Hosmer. However, the couple broke up after dating for a short period.

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Who was another dating partner of Kacie Mcdonnell?

Even before, Murray, she briefly dated former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder. The relationship was short lived as the couple broke up after dating for a few months.

After the end of her relationship with Ponder, she said

This is big news, huh? Good Lord. There has been a thousand articles today about it. You can’t really worry about it. You’ve got to try to keep it private, but that’s just part of the industry, part of the job. I don’t know. Comes with the territory. I’m proud of the relationship. I can brag. I’ve got bragging rights, I believe.”

Know about Kacie Mcdonnell’s Earliest Relationship Status

Unlike any other relationship, Kacie Mc Donnell’s relationship with Jonathon Pettibone did not get the popularity. Her relationship with Jonathon is one of her earlier ones. So, there is no detailed information about Kacie and Jonathon.

Kacie Mc Donnell’s relationship with Jonathon Pettibone
Image: Kacie McDonnell’s relationship with Jonathon Pettibone

The relationship is also none of the concern as both of them have already moved on in their own life with another partner. And both of them are very happy in their respective relationship. If you want to get access to her Instagram, click the link.


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