Samantha Hegseth is significantly famous as the second wife of US Army veteran Pete Hegseth. Her relationship with Pete went through some turmoil in the past. The Hegseth couple is featured on Fox News in the show Outnumbered, where Pete appears as a contributor. They are now divorced.

Pete and his wife share three children together, all of them sons who are getting their school education as of now. The Army Veteran gained praise in his professional life for his work at the same time being surrounded by scandals and controversies in his personal life. Want to know more? Then read along.

Samantha Hegseth’s Relationship with Pete Hegseth

Despite Pete Hegseth saying all the right words about his wife, the couple is no longer together. Samantha filed for divorce in 2017 in Minnesota, her hometown, after seven years of marriage. The pair tied the knot in 2010 after a couple of years of dating.

Samantha Hegseth with her ex-husband Pete Hegseth on the day of their marriage

Hegseth’s marital affair with Pete ended after the Army veteran had multiple extra-marital affairs. Prior to his marriage with Sam, he was in a married relationship with his high school sweetheart Meredith Schwarz. Similarly to his second relationship, his first wife also filed for divorce after Pete cheated on her.

Pete Hegseth Infidelity Cost Him His Marriage

In 2012, the Fox News contributor said how much he loved his wife and children. He said,

“I couldn’t love them more. It makes getting up every day an easy thing to do”.

Not just that, but he is also a man with traditional family values. He wrote a book where he talked about types of marital splits and focused on decreasing divorce. In his book ‘In the Arena’, he writes,

“The focus on the family policy should instead be on strengthening families and creating good citizens by preventing divorce of parents with kids, encouraging large productive families…”.

Pete Hegseth’s affair with Fox Executive Jennifer Rauchet cost him his marriage

Despite all the good words, he couldn’t save his marriage because of his infidelity. He was involved in an affair with two of his co-workers. Besides that, he faced criticism for his view on nepotism, just like Donald Trump.

Where is Samantha Hegseth Living Now?

After the divorce, there is no news about Samantha Hegseth. Prior to this, she was living with his estranged husband and children in NYC. She comes from Minnesota, where she still has her family and relatives.

After the split, she might’ve moved to Minnesota with her children. Pete, on the other hand, welcomes a new love in his life. The new couple also shares pictures on Social media, and the new love lady is no other than Fox Executive Jennifer Rauchet. Jennifer has one daughter with Pete and gave birth to her amid Pete’s split scandal. The pair are set to get married at Trump’s Golf course.

Pete Hegseth, followed by Jennifer Rauchet, with President Donald Trump attending a dinner

On the other hand, there is no news about Samantha’s current relationship status. As per many online tabloids, she might be single as of now.

Pete Hegseth’s Controversies

Besides his personal scandals, he is also surrounded by some professional controversies. He threw an ax at the Hellcats marching band Drummer in a live broadcast. The throwing was not in the script, but Pete decided to do it. It missed the drummer by a margin. After the incident, the drummer said,

“My Leadership told me they were told there would be no ax throwing. I think the anchor person went rogue and decided to throw it”.

He further added,

“Poor decision, obvious negligence, should not have happened, could have been avoided”.

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