Pete Hegseth & His Wife Samantha Hegseth Married Life - Their Children & Family

Today we are going to make a slight change in the stereotype of our article and talk about Fox News‘ Senior Political Analyst Pete Hegseth than any Hollywood megastars. Hegseth is an American veteran author and former Vets For Freedom executive director who serves as a FOX News Channel (FNC) contributor.

He also appears for the FNC morning show, Fox & Friends, Outnumbered, The Kelly File, Happening Now and America’s Newsroom as a reporter and guest co-host. Want to know his life outside the news studio? If yes, we suggest you read the whole article.

Who is Pete Hegseth’s First Wife?

Just like any other person with an awful past relationship, Pete also had a very sour marriage. He encountered his ex-wife Meredith Schwarz after graduating from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Right after a first meeting, the couple fell in love with each other.

After dating for quite a while, they tied a knot on 2004. The couple married happily for four long years until 2009, when they decided to part their ways out and divorce each other. The couple doesn’t share any children together and easily moved on in their life without the responsibility of kids.

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Is Pete Hegseth’s Second wife Samantha Hegseth?

Well, it’s true that Pete got married for the second time around with Samantha Hegseth. Through their mutual friends, the pair met and fell immediately for each other. After dating for a year or two, they tied a knot in June 2010 in Washington D.C. at St. John’s Episcopal Church. The married life of the couple was going smooth and amazing until 2017 when the news about Mr. Hegseth cheating news surfaced the internet.

Pete Hegseth's Second wife Samantha Hegseth
Image: Pete Hegseth with his Second wife Samantha Hegseth on their wedding day

As per the accusation, Pete had an affair with his coworker. He was charged with having an extra-marital affair with Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet, a producer of Fox. The sources say he also has a kid with Rauchet. The news hasn’t been confirmed yet so we cannot really say whether it is reliable or not.

Pete Hegseth & His Wife Samantha Hegseth Married Life - Their Children & Family
Image: Pete Hegseth and Samantha’s kids

Samantha filed for divorce in September 2017 in Minnesota after learning about the cheating scandals. The most heartbreaking news is, the couple separated a month before the birth of Jennifer Cunningham Ratchet and Hegseth’s baby. In spite of all the break-up drama, Samantha and Peter are proud parents of three kids Gunner, Boone, and Rex, who lives in Minnesota. With his current love, Jennifer Cunningham Rauchet, he had his fourth child, Gwen.

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Pete Hegseth Marrying for Third Time Around?

Yes, you read that correct guy. Hegseth is planning to get married for the third time around. Recently a month back, Hegseth shared a picture of him and Jennifer on a social media site with a caption,

She said…yes. Thank you, @jennycdot, for changing my life forever. #belief

Pete Hegseth & His Wife Samantha Hegseth Married Life - Their Children & Family
Image: Pete Hegseth with Jennifer while proposing her

In the picture, the couple kissed whereas Jennifer wore a diamond ring on her ring finger. His certainly means the wedding is around the corner and they are planning to take this relationship to the next level. To know all the current happening in the life of Pete and Jennifer follow Pete’s official Instagram page.