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Kevin Durant is in the list of the highest-paid players in the NBA at the moment. According to Forbes, his net worth is in soaring heights and continues to rise with Golden State Warriors.

His richness comes from expensive brand endorsement deals and his NBA salary. To give you the scale, he has more money than Stephen Curry whose wealth is at $27 million. Are you curious to find out more about his assets and his bank balance? If yes, then read along as we dive into his enormous net worth.

Kevin Durant’s Net Worth. Know his Income Sources

The NBA superstar has an enormous net worth of $120 million. But his lifetime earnings is a whopping $400 million as per some online tabloids. Most of the contribution to his bank balance goes to his salary.

Kevin is one of the most expensive players in the NBA and the rest of his money is contributed from his millions of dollars of endorsement deals. According to CNBC, Durant salary is at $65 million as of now.

Kevin Durant (right) with his friend and his private jet

After leaving Golden State Warriors, he signed a deal with his new team Brooklyn Nets. He signed a deal worth $164 million for four years. Kevin is in the list of the highest-paid player alongside LeBron James ($88.7 million) and Stephen Curry ($79.5 million) annually.

From his endorsement deals, Kevin earns around $35 million annually. Besides that, Durant also has invested in over 35 business ventures. Before signing for Brooklyn Nets, Kevin was playing for Golden State Warriors where he signed a deal worth $54 million annually.

Kevin Durant’s Career

Durant started his career after getting drafted in 2007. Kevin began playing for Seattle Supersonics; Impressing everyone he signed for Oklahoma City Thunders in 2008. To add in his personal collection, Kevin won “Most Improved Player Award.”

After playing at the national level for eight years, the NBA superstar signed a deal with Golden State Warriors in 2016. Completing two year deal with the Warriors, he became a free agent and soon signed for Brooklyn Nets.

Now, he is back with Golden State Warriors after the team resigned him. Throughout his career, Kevin has displayed excellence in performance, no wonder he attracts so many fans. Because of that, Durant signed a deal with so many sponsors giving him more than $135 million so far in his career.

Kevin Durant Brand Endorsements and Businesses

The 30-years-old signed multiple deals with Nike, Alaska Airlines, Google, Apple, ESPN, and YouTube to name a few. His deals with these brands are his number one income sources before his salary.

Kevin Durant (right) promoting Nike Shoes in China

Not just that, Kevin also created 35 business ventures as part of his diversification. He has invested his money well as his return on investment contributes to building his assets. Furthermore, Durant invested in companies like Postmates, Lime, and Rubrik.

Moreover, he contributes to helping the community financially through his foundation. Durant opened a College Track at the Durant Center in Maryland.

Kevin Durant’s Cars and Houses

The wealthy NBA Superstar loves sports cars and lavish houses. Like many celebrities and sports star, Kevin love for expensive cars have filled his garage. We don’t know how many and what cars he exactly has but we do some idea about his vehicles.

The cars in his garage consist of Rolls Royce, Bugatti Veyron, Mercedes, Ferrari, and many more. Durant’s total worth of his luxury and fast cars tally up to more than $5.6 million. He also has a private Jet, FYI and it costs millions. Not just that, the basketball star lives in California where his house is worth more than a million dollars.

Kevin Durant with his cars

Besides that, he also has a house in Oakland and Oklahoma. It is again a million-dollar mansion which adds to his property list. For further updates, keep reading Allstarbio.com.


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