Kamala Harris Net Worth

Emerging from a middle-class family and now running for the presidency is no joke. You must be wondering who we are talking about right? She is none other than Kamala Harris. She will soon be every household name because of her continuous welfare deed for the country.

In 2017 the fast-rising politician and lawyer is appointed as the junior United States Senator from California. Prior to this position, Kamala was the Attorney General of California. She held her office from 2011 to 2017. Kamala gained a name and fame after she refused to back down or be silenced by her male contemporaries.

The present presidential rumors about the Senator have shone the light on her net worth and love life as well. To find out details related to her net worth and salary stay tuned to us until the end.

What is Kamala Harris’s Net Worth?

Kamala Harris is a first ever person of South-Asian descent to serve in the U.S. Senate. Harris’ net worth falls between $581,010 and around $3 million. According to gobankingrates.com, she keeps a significant portion of that in cash, with a Wells Fargo savings account that has between $250,001 and $500,000 in it.

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However, the biggest portion of her reported wealth would come in the form of her retirement plan through the city of San Francisco. Her City & County of San Francisco 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan could be worth approximately $800,000. Kamala also has between $115,002 and $300,000 in debt from a mortgage — 30 years with a 3.75% APR — and a home equity line of credit — 20 years at a 4.75% APR.

The Democratic 2020 primaries seem to be crowded after Kamala officially announced her candidacy for president on Martin Luther King Junior Day on January 21. The former state attorney general ranks consistently high in popularity polls as well.

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She currently has a 43% approval rate, according to a research and data company Morning Consult.

Know All The Details About Her Husband’s Earnings

Well, focusing just on Harris’ personal reported wealth does not paint a complete picture of her earnings and assets. The California senator’s disclosure also includes assets held by her dear husband too. Kamala Harris was married to Donald Harris.

He is Los Angeles attorney Douglas Emhoff — that could add up to as much as $3.5 million. Most of his income is in the form of mutual funds and other investments, Emhoff might have earned over $182,000 last year in interest and dividends all alone.

Kamala Harris’s Pricey Properties

It’s also worth noting what’s not included in the disclosures, such as any properties for which Harris and her husband aren’t earning rent. That would include the multimillion-dollar Brentwood, California, home where they currently live in. Her properties listed in the disclosure are two mortgages of at least $1 million each.

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So, although it’s unclear how much Harris is really worth without a better understanding of her homes, it could be safe to assume that husband and wife have a combined net worth in the millions. Her rise to the political game is definitely helping her to increase her net worth to certain hype.