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    2019 has been a year for Soccer in America. With the sport getting more and more interest from youth because of the likes of Christian Pulisic, Megan Rapinoe, Tobin Heath, and Many more. With his amazing talent and skills, Pulisic has become a darling at the age of 20. Many of his fans especially ladies want to be his girlfriend and be in a relationship.

    Hmm, there is never a doubt about it. Despite his skills and talent, Pulisic is fairly a handsome guy. So, it is not unusual for any girl to fall for him. But does he want to be in a relationship right now? Or he already has a girlfriend? Let’s find out more about his relationship status.

    Christian Pulisic’s Girlfriend. Is he in a Relationship?

    He became the most expensive American soccer player breaking the record of Clint Dempsey after his arrival at Stamford Bridge. With millions in his back pocket, you would think he might be with someone to spend some of it. He is miles away from his family and friends; And at such a young age, you will look for support when things are not going well or going too well.

    Christian Pulisic (right) with his sister Devyn Pulisic (left)

    Pulisic is the biggest American Soccer talent that Europe considers and right now, he is focusing on that. As Son Heung-Min talked about family and soccer where he went on saying,

    “When you marry, the No.1 will be family, wife & kids, and then football. I want to make sure that while I play at the top level, football can be No.1”.

    It looks like, Christian Pulisic is considering the very same thing. Yes, guys, as per the sources, the American Prodigy is currently single. He is very focused on giving his best for his new team Chelsea as the new season of the Premier League has already started.

    Christian Pulisic (left) dribbling past Mo Salah (right) at the UEFA Super Cup 2019

    His Love for the Game…

    The love for the beautiful game started at an early age. He trained in England at PA Classics before making his move to the US for Michigan Rush. But with continue trial with heavyweights in the world Soccer, Pulisic got the opportunity at Borussia Dortmund in Germany.

    With his astounding pace and amazing skills, Pulisic did not fail to impress soccer fans. Not just that, Pulisic became the biggest prospect for the USA at the international level. With his $73 million of the record-breaking move, many players tend to have money in their mind and not focused on the game. He is currently the most expensive American Soccer Player.

    But the 20-years-old is different as he is still very focused and his big-money move does not seem to have any effect on him. His love for the game is still Intact.

    Christian Pulisic Instagram…

    Not just on the Soccer pitch, Pulisic is big on Instagram too. He is followed by 1.9 million followers on Instagram where he mostly posts about his daily life. He spends a lot of time on the training ground improving himself and giving his best on matchday, we can find more pictures of that only.

    Besides that, he likes to spend time with his family whenever he gets time. He is a simple guy who is rarely seen at a party after a match or training. The Player keeps his head down and trains hard to garner his talent. In conclusion, he is currently single but he will find the one in some years.

    Christian Pulisic (left) with his family enjoying a holiday

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